Bon Adhsive

Bon chemical industrial group with 30 years of experience is one of the most popular manufacturer of adhesive,resin and additives in iran and middle east

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Bon Resin

Bon production group started its official activity in 1997 with homopolymer resins

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Bon Additive

Additives are a variety products that will double the efficiency,durability and strength and will have a significant impact on the life of the structure

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Cellophone Adhesive
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Bon chemical industrial group started in 1997 with homopolymer resins and that provided the way to enter the field of paint industries This growing trend continued during the second decade of the company's activity with the production of emulsion acrylic resins and various Groups of water-based resins as well as development of specialized adhesives in industrial and construction fields Product quality and commitment to customer principles orbit is one of the biggest missions that BON group has been faithful until now with this strategy it has been able to be considered as a leading figure in the export of adhesive Utilizing correct and principles policies,having specialized personnel and advanced laboratories make this brand popular in domestic and foreign industries

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Bon Chemical Group with a brilliant history in providing products in accordance with international standards and also adhesive products with the highest quality level in order to satisfy customers By obtaining the necessary points as the sample unit of the provincial exporter, it succeeded in receiving the bronze statue, especially for the selected provincial exporters from the third generation Chamber of Commerce of Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

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