How to remove dried wood glue from wood?

The polymer base for the production of wood adhesive is polyvinyl acetate, which needs to be produced through emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer. This polymerization is done in two stages and discontinuously (batch) that in addition to monomer, potassium persulfate (as a initiator of polymerization), sodium bicarbonate (p-hash regulator), oxidized starch (colloid protector), Nonylphenyl polyethoxyethanol (emulsifier) ​​and water are present. The polyvinyl acetate emulsion is transferred to the compound to prepare the wood adhesive. In this step, polymers made from the previous step are added together with additives (according to the formula), among which polyvinyl alcohol (as a thickener), calcium carbonate (filler), ethyl acetate (solvent) are used. The slaughtered solution is then stored in storage tanks and fed into the filling machine.

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