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Bon Adhesive and Resin Company

Fair pricing

In fairness, Bon has tried for 30 years to think about the survival of related industries and the purchasing power of the market, despite fair price fluctuations, raw materials and annual inflation.

Bon Chemical Group is trying to pave the way for its dear customers during its years of service, with special attention to research and development in order to achieve up-to-date and high-yield formulations and interaction and collaboration with world-renowned scientific and authoritative sources. Wet.

World standards

Bon company, along with the latest technical methods and international standards in product presentation, was able to become an prominent and credible figure in domestic and foreign industries.

Provide internal quality product

Our goal is nothing but to satisfy our customers and this will not be possible except by providing high quality goods. Bon Company has not ignored the purchasing power and market needs by producing different grades.

Respect for consumer rights

Due to the special policy of the company’s managers, Bonn Company always considers itself obliged to respond to the needs and demands of its customers, as well as to respect the rights of its consumers, and commitment to the principles of customer orientation is one of the greatest missions of Bon Chemical Group. To this day he has been faithful to it.

The route of Ben Chemical Industries Company

To provide powerful products in the field of

adhesives and resins

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The route of Bon Chemical Group

Learn more about Bon Chemical Group

Bon Chemical Group is one of the leading units that, relying on knowledge and years of continuous experience, started its official activity in 1997 with the production of homopolymer vinyl acetate resins and various adhesives.

The start of production of vinyl acetate copolymers in 2001 provided the way for the company to enter the field of paint industry. The production capacity of this complex increased from 800 tons in 1998 to 8000 tons in 2008 during 10 years. This progress has continued during the second decade of the company’s activity with the production of emulsion emulsion resins and various water-based resins and the development of the production of specialized adhesives in the fields of industry and construction, so that now the company is one of the pillars. The main production of specialized adhesives and emulsion resins in the country.

Product quality and commitment to customer-oriented principles is one of the greatest missions to which Bon Chemical Group has been loyal from the past to the present, and as a result, it has been able to be considered as a leading figure in the export of adhesives and products to foreign countries. . Utilizing correct and principled policies, having specialized personnel and advanced laboratories, we have witnessed today the impact of this company in domestic and foreign industries, so that the successful position of Bon chemical group in the food, automotive, construction industries is good. , Paint and resin, wood, packaging, labeling, home appliances, sanitary ware, leather and shoes, refrigerators and carpets are visible.